Volume 5, 2022 - ConV2X Symposium Proceedings Special Issue

ConV2X Symposium Proceedings Special Issue, 2022

The following protocols and workflows were adhered to beginning with the reviews conducted from symposium abstract submissions to accepted peer reviewed articles for publication:

  1. The chair and scientific review committee included ten (10) members from around the globe,  assessing all initial symposium abstract submissions. Three (3) committee members are also BHTY reviewers. 
  2. The symposium scientific review committee then convened and reviewed abstracts, to select and invite video presentations for the virtual symposium. 
  3. Symposium scientific review committee members reviewed, discussed and recorded reviews for each selected abstract presentation. Both the video presentation and video reviews were  broadcast during the virtual symposium, unedited.
  4. Each symposium presenter was invited to submit an original research manuscript, as per BHTY requirements.
  5. BHTY editors, also serving on the symposium scientific review committee, were asked to review these manuscripts, as per BHTY review criteria, providing single blind reviews, as they already reviewed submissions for the symposium.
  6. One or two additional BHTY reviewers were asked to review papers providing double blind review.
  7. One author on two submitted manuscripts was also a symposium scientific review committee member and BHTY reviewer. Both of these presentations and manuscripts were reviewed by others, providing both single and double blind reviews.
Published: 2022-03-21

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