Article Compendium

—BHTY 2023 Collection—

  • Privacy-Conflict Resolution for Integrating Personal- and Electronic Health Records in Blockchain-Based Systems, Aleksandr Kormiltsyn, MSc, Vimal Dwivedi, PhD, Chibuzor Udokwu, PhD, Alex Norta, PhD, Sanam Nisar, MSc DOI:
  • GAHBT: Genetic Based Hashing Algorithm for Managing and Validating Health Data Integrity in Blockchain Technology, Fozia Hanif, Urooj Waheed, Rehan Shams, Aisha Shareef DOI:
  • Impact of Blockchain-Digital Twin Technology on Precision Health, Pharmaceutical Industry, and Life Sciences Conv2X 2023 Report, Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes MB EMBA, Michael Mylrea, PhD, Christina Yan Zhang, PhD, Tyler Cohen Wood, CISSP, Brian Thornley, BSc DOI: