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Blockchain as a Service for Enterprise Healthcare, Webinar, June 2021

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Barriers to Blockchain Adoption, Webinar, February 2021

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2020 Farewell...

Looking back at 2020, BHTY Lead Ambassador, Joyce Hunter, announces the DMV Chapter Inaugural Event in February from the DC VA Medical Center. See the video link below - expect much more to come in 2021! 

2020 BLOCKATHON -BHTY-DMV Ambassador Chapter Pitch Competition

Congratualtions Winner: EirSystems Inc.
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April 24, 2020 DMV ChapterMeeting Presentation by Ben Taylor, Founder and CEO, LedgerDomain 

Blockchain and Drug Supply Assurance in the Coronavirus Era - While the US pharmaceutical supply chain is showing resilience in the face of global uncertainty, the need for real-time assurance has never been more pressing. In this talk, LedgerDomain CEO Ben Taylor will share results from his team’s work with UCLA on a recent pilot commissioned by the FDA. The study featured a blockchain-backed solution that enables caregivers to make sure that medicines are unexpired and genuine, all in real time on their iPhone.

Ben Taylor is the CEO of LedgerDomain, founded in 2016 to bring blockchain solutions to enterprise ecosystems, unlocking a world of communal computing and real-time performance. After doing undergraduate and graduate work at MIT, Ben spent a quarter of a century incubating and investing in early-stage technology companies.

For details, see BHTY article at DOI "The Last Mile: DSCSA Solution Through Blockchain Technology: Drug Tracking, Tracing, and Verification at the Last Mile of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain with BRUINchain"

April 24, 2020 DMV ChapterMeeting Presentation by Dr. Sean Manion, CSO, ConsenSys Health and Co-Founder, Science Distributed

Pandemic Tech: How emerging technologies can mitigate the impact of Covid19 and future pandemics -We are facing a once in a century pandemic with health, social and economic impacts we are only beginning to fully grasp. How can blockchain and other emerging technologies mitigate these impacts? We'll look at some of the early attempts to use these new tools to help across the many aspects of the challenges we are facing. We'll also look ahead to see how these technologies, which only months ago seemed many years away from widespread use, may begin to transform our lives in the near future and prepare us for threats known and unknown.

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Blockchain Playbook Overview

Todd Hager and Frederic de Vaulx,  Co-Chairs, Emerging Technology Blockchain Working Group; American Council for Technology - Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC)

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February 2020 DMV Chater Lift off!

Special thanks to creative passionate pioneer ambassadors Joyce Hunter, Orlando Lopez and guest event speaker Jose Arrieta!