Advertising and Licensing

Advertising Policy

Blockchain in Healthcare Today (BHTY) peer reviewed articles are in no way influenced by advertisers or advertisements in any form. The journal’s business model includes advertising to generate revenue to enhance the quality, services, and journal platform for its audience, and develop educational materials for the global community ecosystem.

Types of Advertising that will be accepted and displayed on BHTY will be determined at the discretion of the publisher, Tory Cenaj. Under no circumstances will BHTY’s Advertisement(s) be considered an endorsement of the product(s) and/or service(s) advertised, or for the company that creates, manufactures, distributes, or promotes the products or services. 

  1. BHTY will not accept Advertising that, in BHTY’s opinion, is not factually accurate and in good taste and reserves the right to determine such.
  2. BHTY will not consider these categories for advertising:
    • illegal, fraudulent, deceptive, illicit, misleading or offensive material and products
    • material that misrepresents (real or implied) or attacks an individual or group
    • alcohol, weapons, firearms, ammunition, or tobacco
    • the simulation of news or an emergency
    • advertising that extends beyond the defined advertising space or interferes with the content or impact the readability of the content
    • advertising that does not retract to the defined advertising space upon user scroll off or contain a "close" or "X" for user to retract or close the ad unit/message after user initiation
  3. Advertisers must only offer products or services, and clearly identify the advertiser.
  4. BHTY recognizes and maintains a distinct separation between advertising, sponsored content, and editorial content. All Advertising, promotional, sponsored content on BHTY will be clearly identified as such.
  5. A click on an Advertisement may only link the end user to the third-party advertiser's site.
  6. Sponsored Content on the BHTY is governed by the Sponsored Content Policy.
  7. Advertising on BHTY may not link directly to a registration/email capture page. Any user registration or email capture pages resulting from an ad click must be, at minimum, two clicks away from the original Advertisement. BHTY will not run Advertising that requires registration and/or log-in in order to view a significant portion of the content of the Advertising or the related site. BHTY reserves the right to determine what level is 'significant'.
  8. BHTY reserves the right to reject, cancel, or remove at any time any Advertising from BHTY for any reason and will provide prompt notice to the advertiser upon rejection, cancellation, or removal of any Advertising, together with an explanation following the rejection, cancellation, or removal. BHTY also reserves the right to determine the appropriate placement of the Advertising on the BHTY site.
  9. It is the Advertiser's responsibility to comply with all applicable laws, including applicable laws and regulations of regulatory bodies. This includes pharmaceutical advertising to physicians that must comply with FDA guidelines for Direct to Physician (DTP) and advertising. BHTY will not monitor compliance with applicable laws and regulations. BHTY reserves the right to review all Advertising for compliance with applicable laws and regulations and, if BHTY becomes aware of any breach or potential breach of any applicable law, regulation, or guidelines, BHTY may remove the Advertising.
  10. No Advertising on BHTY shall include any pixels, tags, flash containers or any other type of information collection software code or shall place any beacons, cookies or other information collection devices on the browsers.
  11. No Advertising will be allowed on BHTY that could injure the good name or reputation of BHTY.
  12. BHTY is not responsible for any errors contained or identified in Advertising.
  13. . In consideration of publication of an ad, the advertiser and the agency, jointly and severally, agree to indemnify and hold harmless publisher, its officers, agents and employees against expenses (including legal fees) and losses resulting from the publication of the contents of the ad, including, without limitation, claims or suits for libel, violation of privacy, copyright infringement or plagiarism.
  14. Advertising will not be linked to journal content, reader behavior, or displayed at random.

Sponsored Content

BHTY does not allow paid content that resembles editorial content in style, intent and format. While BHTY welcomes such advertisements, we will publish no advertisement that, in the judgment of the publisher, resembles our editorial content enough to be mistaken for a BHTY article.

Separate from Editorial Content, layout, artwork, and format of Sponsored Content will be easily distinguished from editorial content and avoid any confusion with the editorial content of BHTY and be clearly labeled as "Sponsored Content."  

Advertorial Guidelines

Clear delineation between advertising material and peer reviewed regular journal content must be maintained for BHTY readers, and to facilitate the approval process for advertising in BHTY.

All advertorials must be clearly and immediately recognizable as such.

All advertorials are subject to publisher's approval.

Single-Page Ad

For a single-page ad, the company name/logo must appear prominently at the top of the ad page. If for branding purposes the logo appears elsewhere in the ad, then the word “ADVERTISEMENT” must appear in the top center of the page in all caps, using a minimum font size of 14 points.

Two-Page Spread Ad

For a two-page spread, the word “ADVERTISEMENT” is required on the top center of the left-hand page, using a minimum font size of 14 points. For the right hand page of the spread, the company name/logo must appear prominently in the upper-right corner. If for branding purposes the logo appears elsewhere in the ad, you have the option of moving or repeating the company logo in the upper-right-hand corner, or adding the word “ADVERTISEMENT” in the top center of this page.

For clarity purposes, a two-page spread will require the word “ADVERTISEMENT” on
BOTH pages if the company name/logo does not appear in the upper-right-hand corner of the right page.

Please contact the publisher for any questions concerning these guidelines. 


Reprints from independent, peer-reviewed publications such as BHTY are an effective way of communicating significant breakthroughs in the sector. Reprints educate and demonstrate your commitment: Reprints are invaluable for educating the audience, and show your commitment to providing authoritative, unbiased information. BHTY reprints are both timely and flexible - available in both hardcopy and digital formats.

Author Reprints 

BHTY reprints are produced in full color and include self-covers. Covers for reprints will display the volume, issue, page numbers, and BHTY masthead with the reprint article title and authors imprinted in the center of the pages. Covers for all ​​reprints will be printed in color on the same paper stock as the article. Authors will be invited to place reprint orders at the page proof stage. Reprints are produced in full color and include self-covers.  Please see sample below.

Author reprints must be used solely for the author's personal use. For other uses, see Commercial Reprints, below.

2020 Author Reprint Rates

Minimum order is 25 copies; shipping is not included. Actual pricing is contingent on final page count and number of copies. Contact the publisher for a quote at


Minimum order is 25 copies; shipping is not included. Actual pricing is contingent on final page count and number of copies. Contact the publisher for a quote at

UPS ground shipping within the continental US (1–5 days delivery) is not included in the reprint prices and will be calculated with order processing. Orders are shipped to authors outside the continental US via expedited delivery service. Your reprints will be shipped within 2 weeks of receipt of your order.

For orders shipped to Canada, CA, DC, FL, MD, NC, NY, VA, and WI, add appropriate sales tax. A copy of the state sales tax exemption certificate must be submitted prior to the order; otherwise sales tax will be invoiced. For questions, please contact the publisher at


An eprint is a high-quality, full-color PDF with a cover that is suitable for electronic distribution and printing. Eprints for BHTY articles are available for $265.

Specifications for Author eprints: - Noncommercial use only - Single license to purchaser only (1 user) - Unlimited opens for purchaser - Printing turned on - 1 year access

Single Copies of Articles

Single copies (PDF format) of articles may be downloaded from the BHTY website. Any viewer may download single copies of current articles free of charge. For details, simply go to the article you wish to download.

Commercial Reprints

BHTY accepts requests for commercial reprint orders of specific articles. For information, please contact the publisher at

Reprints are saddle-stitched and self-covered, unless journal covers are ordered. Self-covers are color and printed on the same paper stock as the article. Journal covers are color and are printed on the standard cover stock paper.

Any alteration to the standard pages, including the addition of company logos, is subject to additional charges. Orders must be paid in full prior to shipping. 

Payment Methods

BHTY is pleased to extend the option of paying advertising and custom project fees with digital currency. Contact the publisher for more information if you would like to use this payment method at


Licensing agreements are important for the success and continuous expansion of BHTY’s awareness, readership and audience engagement. We are committed to “building trust through truth” to fill knowledge gaps and accelerate modernization and change in the healthcare industry.  We continuously seek new ways to make information more useful and impact healthcare and health systems around the globe in local language, geographies, countries and emerging nations. Bibliodiversity and fair opportunities to share quality research with colleagues and interested persons around the globe is important to BHTY.

BHTY licensing includes:

  • Syndication
  • Content Licensing
  • Local Editions including local language
  • Journal articles, and can include editorials and Predictions articles
  • Videos
  • Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Individual figures and tables
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Sponsored content

We are happy to consider custom agreements for your projects. Please contact the owner and publisher at