Why Choose BHTY?

Editorial Mission

Blockchain in Healthcare Today (BHTY) is the leading international open access peer reviewed journal that amplifies and disseminates platform approaches in healthcare and distributed ledger technology research and innovations. Fields of interest include healthcare information systems, leveraging data science tools and techniques, interoperability, consent mechanisms, privacy preservation, security of health data, clinical trials management, supply chain management, revenue cycle automation, immersive technologies, tokenomics, governance, regulation, network technologies, clinical computing, cryptography, and failed experiments in this expanding specialty field of research.

Founded in 2018, the historic journal is credited with creating and validating this new technology and research field, bridging research excellence with real world market implementations and impact. A world-class peer review board offers constructive commentary to strengthen work.

Use the list of features below to conduct your journal comparisons in the field to help determine if BHTY is the best fit for you to submit and amplify your research. 

  • 100% fully open access continuous publication
  • No fees to submit manuscript
  • No page charges - including color or graphics
  • No membership fees
  • Wavers up to 100% - we don't say it, we do it
  • APC fee is $1150 USD and $650 for enrolled university students for 12,000 word limit (not including references or images), $1450 for 15,000 word limit (80-100 references).
  • There is NO APC for failed or negative research, editorials, or blogs.
  • Fast track publications: We are happy to work with authors that require faster turnaround at No Extra Charge.
  • Excellent customer service responding in 24 hours. There are no black holes or long wait times for authors.
  • Indexed in
    • PubMed and PubMed Central
    • Scopus
    • Google Scholar
    • EBSCOhost Health Business Elite
    • Norwegian Register For Scientific Journals, Series And Publishers
    • EngineeringVillage
    • ProQuest Health & Medical Complete
    • ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Program
    • ProQuest Public Health
    • Unpaywall
    • NEBIS
    • Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research (GFMER)
    • Index Copernicus
    • PKP Metadata Harvester 
  • Peer review is rigorous and excellent. Editors are truly engaged with the journal, field, and industry.

"Blockchain in Healthcare Today does incredible work at the intersection between a rapidly evolving technology and a highly regulated industry essential to everyone. We chose Blockchain in Healthcare Today because they bring together the best minds in the field, with a world-class peer review process that combines speed and rigor to deliver critical insights at breakneck speed." 

- Alex Colgan, LedgerDomain team member

  • Statistics
    • Days to First Editorial Decision:  6
    • Desk Reject Rate:   48%
    • Acceptance Rate:  24%
    • Days to Accept:  101
    • Average days to publication:  106
  • Member of
    • COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics)
    • COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition
    • DORA
    • ICMJE
    • Research Data Alliance (RDA)
    • Wellcome.org (sharing COVID-19 research data)
    • UN SDG Publisher’s Compact
    • Helsinki Initiative on Multilingualism
  • Citation tracking with Altmetric, and IO4C (Initiative for Open Citations)
  • Dimensions Badge tracks social media mentions including Mendeley
  • Targeted email announcements to an international ecosystem and readership promotes content with direct links to your article
  • Google Analytics consistently reports 61K - 73K impressions/mo
  • Amplification across 12 social media outlets for print, audio, and video
  • Author owns/retains copyright CC-BY-NC
  • No embargoes
  • Collaborate with Scite, Publons, Code Ocean, ReviewerCredits, Almetric, Dimensions, Editage, Paperpal, Eloquenti, AuthorAid
  • Annual Symposium: ConVerge2Xcelerate (ConV2X
  • Authors can self archive and freely share their work for
    • Submitted version
    • Accepted version (author accepted manuscript)
    • Published version (version of record)
  • Press Releases for new issues and articles go out over bonafied news wires for real time pick up
  • Amplifies work to an international ecosystem, journal readers, and subscribers across 110+ countries
  • Archived on Portico, Lockess, Crossef – corrections on Crossmark
  • Endorsed by ATA and IEEE SA
  • Qualify for the Annual Editors Best Article Award
  • Elective Transparent Peer Review (TPR) offered
  • Video abstracts accepted
  • Articles published in four (4) formats – PDF, XML, HTML and ePub

Frequency of Publication

Three (3) annual issues: April, August, and December.

Respective deadlines are March 1, July 1, and November 1.

Under Review

  • DOAJ, WoS

Additional attributes

  • Companion ConVerge2Xcelerate  (#ConV2X) Symposium
  • First journal to require and publish financial conflict of interest from all editors and staff
  • Authors can be guest speakers on webinars or podcasts
  • Authors can be featured speakers at the annual ConVerge2Xcelerate  (#ConV2X) event
  • Journal portfolio includes Telehealth and Medicine Today open access peer reviewed journal
  • Authors are encouraged to post articles for discussion on PubPeer, ResearchGate, Academia.edu, Research Hub, and other outlets


BHTY's audience includes researchers, innovators, pioneers, founders, business executives, hospital and health system executives, consultants, entrepreneurs, policy regulators, health information technologists, auditors, computational engineers, computer scientists, data scientists, healthcare network users, public health, and pioneers across the globe. All those with an interest in the latest knowledge on platform tech and DLT are welcome to join the journal's ecosystem.

Should you have questions, please contact the publisher, Tory Cenaj, at t.cenaj@partnersindigitalhealth.com