ConV2X 2020

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Transforming Health Care in the Wake of a Global Pandemic

Some of the world’s top leaders and influencers in healthcare delivery transformation and health technologies, including blockchain technology and telehealth, converged at the 4th Annual CONV2X 2020 Symposium held virtually from November 10-12, 2020, to exchange perspectives and solutions to shortfalls in global patient care exposed by COVID-19. The theme of the symposium was “US-World Health Transformation.”

The Symposium presented 76 world leading SMEs, 35 hours of discourse and learnings and 4 Keynote presentations from the World Health Organization (WHO), Teladoc Health, McKinsey & Company and Mayo Clinic Platform. See image below.

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#ConV2X 2020 highlights are presented below.

1. Opening remarks - Tory Cenaj, Founder and Publisher, PDH

2. Keynote video - John Halamka, MD, President, Mayo Clinic Platform

3. Regulation and Governance - Technology - Current and Future Progress
4. Design Thinking
Embedding technologies into systems, achieving business growth and scaling agnostic initiatives

5.  BLOCKATHON -BHTY-DMV Ambassador Chapter Pitch Competition

Congratualtions Winner: EirSystems Inc.
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Impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare

The global COVID-19 pandemic showed how vulnerable healthcare delivery is to patients around the world. Healthcare systems in every country have been challenged – not only in treating patients with coronavirus, but in trying to maintain optimal care for non-COVID patients at the same time.

As a result, new advances in digital health technologies, including telehealth, blockchain, AI and others, are transforming patient treatment models on an international scale. What this event proved is that healthcare transformation, via technology and new global models for greater access and more efficient and effective delivery of healthcare services to patients, is much closer to reality than ever before.

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